AL NOOR LAW FIRM, based in 1999, is amongst the biggest identifying worldwide lawfirm

We provide exceptional legal services to both national and international clients across a diverse range of expertise, earning accolades for our successful outcomes. Our distinguished law firm has evolved into a conglomerate with approximately 40 offices strategically positioned throughout Pakistan, including the bustling capital city of Islamabad, the commercial hub of Karachi, and the culturally vibrant city of Lahore.

Our firm maintains a steadfast commitment to a 100% coverage policy, reaching the most challenging frontiers within Pakistan and, in recent years, transforming into a globally recognized full-service law firm. This transformation has been achieved through strategic alliances with leading lawyers worldwide. Presently, AL NOOR LAW FIRM boasts a robust presence, serving a thriving clientele across a broad spectrum of industries on five continents and in over 50 countries globally.

Miss Fareeda Noor

High Court Lawyer