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This means that the father in Pakistan would be in charge of taking care of his kids on a daily basis. If the dad can't take care, the mom might have more money, and the dad might not have any. We can help you with the best service if you say you need a maintenance of children loyal near me. If the father has a way to make money, or even if he doesn't make $100 a week, it is his job to take care of the kids in Pakistan. The parents have enough money to give their kids the things they need, like a place to live, food, and school. But the father can't say in court that the mother makes money or won't pay the plea. Every child in Pakistan must have a father to care for them. Your family chose the level of child care in Pakistan based on the country's child care rules. Pakistan's amount of child care may change from time to time. In Pakistan, the father of the child must take care of his kid. This Pakistani one-care regulation says that the amount of care for a minor can be based on the dad's money.

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