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Muslim private law states that the husband is responsible for supporting his wife according to the circumstances of their marriage. The husband's responsibility for maintenance of the wife or maintenance to wives is still there, regardless of whether or not the rukhsati has been performed by their wife. If the rukhsati has not been completed, the spouse may continue to care for the wife in Pakistan because it is the husband's responsibility to care for the wives in Pakistan. The husband is bound to fulfill his yearly obligations towards the wife until the marriage remains intact. Even if the spouse is not shooting khula in your courtroom, she can still claim yearly care from the court docket up until the decree of the khula has been rescinded and the period of the iddat. In determining the best maintenance rate in Pakistan, the courtroom will consider the financial condition of the partner. The court will fix the monthly cost of maintenance in Pakistan based on how well the husband's financial situation is.

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Maintenance of Wife After Divorce in Pakistan

Maintenance of wife after divorce in Pakistan is a very delicate and hard question which has to be answered properly, because the law of inheritance in Pakistan does not allow one person to dispose off his/her belongings absolutely free of charge. There is something called ‘Aid’. This is what is called as ‘payment for maintenance’ in the law of inheritance.

It is a very delicate question, which needs to be answered from both sides carefully, so that we can have a just and fair inheritance law in our country. The question of maintenance of wife after divorce in Pakistan is very much like the issue of maintenance of the wife in any other part of the world. In all the other countries, there is an ‘aid’ as the word is used for maintenance of wife after divorce in Pakistan. The question here is that whether maintenance of the wife under Muslim law is actually considered to be ‘aid’? Under the Islamic law, it is not an obligation at all, but the woman has to prove that she cannot afford to support herself without having an income of their own and without the help of her husband. If she can prove these things then the amount will be exempted from the main estate.

There are also certain complications in the case of maintenance of wife after divorce in Pakistan. The first difficulty is that in this type of law there is a possibility that the wife might have to live with her in-laws. If the conditions of the in-laws are not acceptable, then maintenance of the wife after divorce in Pakistan becomes absolutely impossible. Another problem is the fact that under this type of law the woman might have to give up her right to become a free woman. That means she would have to stay in jail for the rest of her life if the in-laws do not come to terms with her. Hence, maintenance of wife after divorce in Pakistan is very difficult to achieve.