FIr case

FIA law firm in Lahore: The federal authorities of Pakistan established FIA which is a federal investigation authority in Pakistan led by Director overall in federation and state. FIA have a special support with regard to special offense which is dealt with FIA. A program is provided at FIA behave 1974 which delivers complete collection of the exemptions in which FIA discounts with. This list also has offenses beneath foreigners act, banking companies ordinance, Custom act, Australian resources, check act, Medication act, Ex IT management ordinance, Human trafficking, countrywide statistics base, Money laundering etc. FIA also have separate wings handling different offenses and every single wing is specialized within their area. Normally regulations is the fact that the police force bureau first chalk an FIR then investigate the issue but some really isn't the case with the FIA.

Fir case in pakistan

FIA initially look into the matter after which chalk an FIR and with the aim of research the analysis officer of FIA send notices for the anxious party and get assistance from one other divisions this could be the reason that when a challan is filed by the FIA in courtroom it contains hardly any defects along with the lawyer for FIA instances have to perform very hard around the file. FIA at Pakistan also copes in cyber crime and now the cyber offense wing of FIA is quite much watchful and competent to trace at fault and place the culprit behind the bars but lots of the times a harmless person is also trapped. FIA have a specialized wing which can very easily get the listing of finger prints, assess signatures, examine documents, get usage of those records and assess the records that are downloadable